Sealing Solutions for Demanding Applications

With a combined 200 years of experience servicing the EOG, Aerospace, General Industrial & Renewable Energy markets, SSDD is a trusted and customer - focused business partner. We provide premier products and customer service at fair prices, utilizing state-of-the-art business control certifications, equipment, and ethical business practices.

Our company was established in 2004 and has provided outstanding customer service, technical support and a wide range of sealing products ever since. 

What We Do

Specialized Seal Design and Distribution, Inc. is committed to working with our customers to establish the best sealing solution for their application.  

Case Study

On a Friday evening at 10pm, we received a call from a customer with a rig down situation.  Understanding the cost associated with this situation, we knew our reaction time was critical.  With a stocking plan in place, we were able to have parts boxed and loaded on a hot shot within two hours of receiving the phone call.  We saved our customer over a million dollars by providing premier customer service and reacting to the situation.